Co-founded Projects of GZK/ UGCS

Stay updated here for our numerous co-founded and co-hosted projects and events, as well as for co-operations with our partners in the different fields of art and culture. Enjoy an insight in our work with partnerships, creating networks and offering cultural spaces.

Short documentary film “Scalp Deep” by Naseeba Bagalaaliwo

We are excited to present the winner of the 3rd Small Project Grant 2019: Naseeba Bagalaaliwo. She will be using the 2.000.000 UGX to create a short documentary film called “Scalp Deep” exploring the nature of female identity, femininity and beauty through the lens of African women with short cropped or shaved hair. The link between femininity and long hair is a prevalent trend throughout every culture worldwide. The emotional ties to our hair are just as significant as the statement on inflexible beauty standards. Hair is intensely personal, but it is also public and even political. Sometimes your hair speaks for you, it becomes a reflection of who a person is, and a sign of our identity. Through this short documentary film, Naseeba hopes to create a portrait of African women through their natural beauty and interrogate stereotypes and assumptions about femininity through hair or rather lack of it. Naseeba graduated from Durham University with a degree in Law and Politics. She is an Afrika Kommt! Fellow and did her fellowship with the Robert Bosch Stiftung. She has always had a strong passion for storytelling. Inspired by art, politics, people and culture she hopes to combine her passions by producing female-focused local content with diverse creators. The process of the Naseeba’s work is going to be documented and progresses and insights are posted on Facebook – Stay tuned!

Audio-visual project titled ‘To Her, From Him’ by Michael Matovu

We are happy to announce the winner of the second “Small Project Grant” 2019: Michael Matovu. He will be using the 2.000.000 UGX to create an audio, visual and interactive project titled ‘To Her, From Him’. Michael was developing this project since the start of 2019 – The project is comprised of a 4 song musical EP with accompanying visual content, a short film/documentary, as well a series of group conversations and discussions between Michael – the producer – and a public audience. The project is themed around gender equality, equity and the celebration of women. Read more

Cookbook about Ugandan cuisine by Jonathan Kabugo

Goethe-Zentrum Kampala is really happy to announce the winner of the first “Small Project Grant” 2019: Jonathan Kabugo. He will be using the 2.000.000 UGX to create a cookbook showcasing various foods, dishes and traditional cuisines from East, West, North and Central Uganda. This book preserves the time old traditions of preparing, cooking and dining as in the old times through pictures and light story telling. Jonathan’s motivation comes from the fact, that the majority of people, who live in Uganda are youth, but they are very much out of touch with their roots, their ways and take up foreign cultures faster than they eat Rolexes. This cookbook will be a way to not lose the Ugandan values and way of life in this chaotic unhinged social media lifestyle young people are adopting to and to encourage young people to innovate with basis of roots and unique approach to dining as it was. Read more

Kampala Design Week’s “Design Garage” at Martyr’s University Uganda

The Design Garage, a project, co-funded by Goethe-Zentrum Kampala’s Small Project Grant, has its mandate to Resource the Community of Designers, students of design, as well as Professionals in various fields of design. As part of Kampala Design Week, the Design Garage intends to achieve these aims through monthly sharing workshops – about sharing thoughts and ideas among designers and entrepreneurs, to grow the greater knowledge and challenge preconceptions. By analyzing current trends, the Design Garage brings them to light for the community to make their own decisions. This achieves a resourcing of the design community, especially in institutions of learning, always with the ultimate principle of “thinking about thinking”!

At the 22nd February, one of Design Garage’s talks was hosted at Martyrs University, Uganda. Charity Mugasha, who handels Andela Uganda’s Talent Development Operations and recruitment of fellows, gave the speech in front of the students. Read more

Filmscreening: “Ndi Mulungi Mu Langi Yonna. I am Beautiful in every Shade” by Ana Scheu Amigo

Goethe-Zentrum Kampala/ UGCS was very happy to host the film of swiss Filmmaker Ana Scheu Amigo’s Debut film “Ndi Mulungi Mu Langi Yonna. I am Beautiful in every Shade” at the GZK/ UGCS Conference Room on the 19th February 2019. The Documentary film is portraying four people with albinism living in Kampala. What started as a field research for her Anthropology studies, was soon accompanied by film clips of Day-In-The-Life-Scenes and Interviews which Ana then put together to a Documentary Movie. Read more

“YOUR HEART HO! Letters from the shuttle. Letters to the metropolis”

Canon Griffins Exhibition, a word play, “straight up (…) and going for the middle ground” between the words “Ahoy!” – (“the cry of carriage men”), and “Hoe” – (“a camaraderie thing between “hookers””) offered a photographic insight into Ugandan streets and their slogans. In his exhibition, Canon Griffin picked up these phrases, slogans and sentences and brought it forth through photography to an art seeking audience – spoken word from the bumper-sticker artist or the lamentation of the taxi owner:

“The words on the Taxi or car or Boda-Boda or T-Shirt are trying to hook you into the story or ideology of whoever had them inscribed there. They are asking you to go to Kawempe Maganjo Kagoma, but the words are asking to go to your heart. Whether it’s “Kun FayaKun” or “Ave Maria” or “Bitokote Again” …” (R. Canon Griffin)

Read more

“Return to sender”

After 90 minutes of heart-warming, whilst thrilling, somehow saddening, yet entertaining and thought-provoking handmade poetry, Goethe’s rooftop was bursting into standing ovations. “Return to Sender” by Gloria Kiconco, a versatile poet and lyricist from Kampala, may be considered as one of Goethe-Zentrum’s most appreciated events. The interactive poetry performance and illustration exhibition that took place on the 28th of July, reflected on power in the family and the church. “Return to Sender”  thereby is a term usually associated to the postal system to indicate a letter (or mail) that the receiver returns without taking notice. By detaching it from its context, Kiconco uses this phrase as a metaphor for rejected conversations, unacknowledged truths and questions that persons in power do not want to engage with. Thus “Return to Sender” is an ongoing exploration of power that borrows the structure of a church service to explore rejected conversations in those spaces, who is on which side of the rejection, and what gender has to do with it. Illustrations inspired by and inspiring Kiconco’s poetry where exhibited by Liz Kobusinge, whose works were also being presented as a zine released on the same day. After the performance FyaLeBoof turnt the evening into a Rooftop Sundowner.

“Kikommando” by Elizabeth Pamela Acaye

On the 16th of July, Goethe’s rooftop terrace was the stage for the premiere of ‘Kikommando’, a Dance Theatre Production created and choreographed by Elizabeth Pamela Acaye. During a two-week creative residency with four dance artists from Uganda, hosted by The Theatre Company of Kenya (directed by Keith Pearson) at Karichota retreat, Acaye has carefully designed the performance outlines which traverse cultural motifs and query gendered movements through choreography, spoken-word and costume. On this aforesaid Saturday evening societal issues were being reinterpreted through contemporary dramatic expression techniques whilst the performers could demonstrate the vast variety of their talents. By focusing on the re-crafting of traditional choreographies and on syncing them with contemporary motifs, the performance put physical bodies as conveyors of intercultural tolerance and freedom of sexuality into the center of attention. Having been equipped with wonderful costumes by Gloria Wavamunno, the artists showed off their skills and deeply charmed the rooftop terrace while asking uncomfortable questions about diversity, gender and societal exclusion. A second show took place at Design Hub Kampala on Sunday 17th of June.

“Ku Kyooto” by Giovanni Kiyingi


Goethe-Zentrum’s rooftop was fully packed when singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Giovanni Kiyingi presented his new project “Ku Kyooto” on the 18th of May 2018. The project was conceptualized as the recreation of ancient spaces, namely bonfire areas (Kukyooto) where acoustic music was being played, everyday stories were being shared and history was being delivered to posterity. In former times knowledge was being transferred from one generation to the other through music, poems, sayings and riddles. Kiyingi’s performance aimed to bring people close to what used to be these specific study places of languages, manners, and the upbringing of Ugandans. During the evening the audience gradually dissolved into the vibe and atmosphere of these social gatherings, as Kiyingi used several indigenous instruments that include Endingidi, Akogo, Adungu, Amadiinda, Engoma, Janzi and Endere during his journey through times and spaces. Video:

Bridge Works Art Camp and Performance: “Shades”

On the 23rd of February 2018, Goethe Zentrum Kampala/UGCS hosted the opening night of the interdisciplinary performance ‘SHADES’, an Ugandan – German cooperation that featured more than 20 actors, musicians, artists and dancers on stage. Read more