Enter Africa – Gamify The City’s Future – 15 Countries | 15 Visions | 15 Games

ENTER AFRICA aims at building a community and network of people throughout Africa and the world who are dedicated to creating a better future in African cities. It incorporates several workshops in 15 African countries over a duration of almost two years. It is a Goethe Institut project run by a Gamification Expert -Christoph Deeg, an Architect-Bethlehem Anteneh and a Software Engineer-Dagmawi Bedilu. The gaming project aims to reach African Cities and its analogue issues playfully as well as digitally. Read more

On the 25th January 2019, the Kampala based team hosted their first Game Night before the launch of the Game. Click here to get insights in the event! Read more

To achieve more progress while establishing the games before their Launch, the Kampala team participated in a Workshop from the 20th – 24th February 2019. Enter Africa coordinator, Goethe Institute Addis Ababa, sent her Gamification Lead for the project, Bethlehem Anteneh, to support the progress of the Ugandan Team in Kampala. To top this work up, the Team held their 2nd Gamenight, which again was open to the public. Read more

Good News! Enter Africa hits the ground running and starts its ambitious journey! The participants discussed together on the workshop, how the project could and should continue beyond 2019 – establishing a transition from being a project run by Goethe-Institut to an independent structure, all participants following the same vision.  Read more