In August 2019, Goethe-Zentrum Kampala was welcoming “FAVT: Future Africa Visions in Time” – an ever-changing touring exhibition combining scientific research with the production of art. In its second to last stop the intriguing presentation was shown to the public in Kampala, Uganda, from 16th August to 15th September 2019 at Makerere Art Gallery. A series of events including fashion workshops, a fashion show, a symposium on “East Africa’s Rising Middle Class: challenges and Opportunities” and an exhibition tour framed the public presentation. Read more


As part of the project #AfricanModernismKampala, GZK / UGCS has organized three events, with the overall objective of instigating the discourse on modern architecture and its historical, political and sociocultural implications on the city of Kampala. The idea of raising awareness concerning that matter arose from the traveling exhibition “African Modernism”, researched and curated by architect and author Manuel Herz. Being the heart of the project, the exhibition (open to the public from Dec 15th 2018 to January 18th 2019) is a photographic documentation of more 80 buildings in Sub-Saharan-Africa which allows the recipient to see architecture at a fascinating nexus of design and politics. Read more


The Kampala based artist collective ‘Afri-Cans‘ is on a mission: Promoting Graffiti and Streetart culture as a tool for young creatives to express themselves. For that reason, Tugabane Sessions (*which means sharing in Luganda) came up with Graffiti workshops and Streetart exhibitions open for everyone, no matter what age. On September 14th, 2018 Afri-Cans hosted one of their inclusive and educational workshops at Goethe-Zentrum UGCS Kampala and brought an exceptional project to life which included live – painting, Q&A – sessions and Hip-Hop performances.  Read more


On October 1st Goethe-Zentrum UGCS Kampala hosted a five-day photography workshop focused on the architectural rootings of African Modernism in the city of Kampala. The workshop was facilitated by architects Manuel Herz and Doreen Adengo accompanied by the photographer and art practitioner James Muriuki. Within five days they led the group of photographers and architects to explore the city and its predominant modernist influence.  About the Workshop

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The photography exhibition “OPEN DOORS”: ENCOUNTERS IN BIDIBIDI AND KAMPALA was part of a collaborative project initiated by Alliance Française Kampala and Goethe-Zentrum Kampala UGCS and co-organized by the German Embassy Kampala.  It brought together experiences of displacement in rural refugee settlements with experiences of the city as a place of refuge within Uganda. It sheds light on single stories that, brought into context with each other, can as well give insights into the highly complex situation of refugee populations in Uganda. Read more

Decolonizing the Museum – Art and Ethnography (Workshop)

How do we engage with cultural heritage that is entwined with colonial history? What special role do museums play in this context and how to we want their role to look like in the future?
With a special focus on the Uganda National Museum we tackled those questions and mapped out some ways in which artists can come in in this process. Read more


(Re)Thinking Feminism and Black Womanhood- workshop and exhibition

With the aim to stimulate a dialogue between female artists and writers with different geographical and professional background, Goethe-Zentrum Kampala organized the project “(Re)Thinking Feminism and Black Womanhood” in September 2016 which comprised of a 10 days’ private workshop alongside three public events: a reading, a pop up exhibition and a symposium  Read more

MabARTi- 2016

The third edition of the Sadolin MabARTi Challenge has come with a momentum that demonstrates the giant strides that this event has taken, citing the enthusiasm with which artists are enrolling into the project, punctuated by the dynamism exuded in the works that are being produced. Running under the banner of “Colours of Urban Nature” as this year’s theme, the participating artists spared no energy in visually depicting Kampala city in all its wealth and diversity through a multiplicity of styles. Read more


Peregrinate – Field notes of time travel and space

Until 3rd October 2015 the photography exhibition Peregrinate showed the work the South Africans Thabiso Sekgala and Musa Nxumalo and Kenyan Mimi Cherono Ng’ok. Traversing Soweto streets, backyards in Nairobi, dusty Jordanian alleys, Peregrinate invited viewers to consider the intimate politics of home and belonging, as well as the possibilities inherent in dislocation, or a lack of anchoring, and the routes one takes to find a way. Read more


Art in Public Space 2015: Moving Images Vol.1

The series ‘Art in Public Space’ was launched by GZK/UGCS in 2013 and seeks to make art more accessible to a broad Ugandan society through art interventions in public spaces. We are living in a more and more visualized world where moving images have become a consistent part of our everyday life (watching advertisements on screens at public spaces, TVs at home or in restaurants and shops, sharing videos and pictures on social media, etc.). Visual impulses catch people’s attention and easily engage audiences.  Read more


Art in Public Space: Capturing Movements

Spotlights and speakers are set up, people are passing by, they gather around the site, wondering what’s happening. Eighth Street, Industrial Area Kampala. The capital’s smog seems to be in the background – only because you’re in the middle of it you don’t notice it too much. Spotlights and speakers are set up, people are passing by, they gather around the site, wondering what’s happening. As it is getting dark, Weazher Mayanja is cracking 150 eggs into empty water bottles, adding powder colour. He is one of the three artists involved in Art in Public Space: Capturing Movements. Read more


MabARTi- 2014

The Sadolin MabARTi Challenge was created to support the presence of art in public space. 28 visual Ugandan artists created original artworks on mabaati sheets all over Kampala. The Sadolin MabARTi Challenge was created by Sadolin Paints Uganda Ltd and Goethe-Zentrum Kampala/ Ugandan German Cultural Society to support the presence of art in public space and encourage Ugandan artists to reach out to new audiences. After a successful first round in 2011, the challenge took place for the second time in June 2014, again sponsored by Sadolin Paints Uganda and organized in partnership with Laba! Arts Festival and the Goethe-Zentrum/ Ugandan German Cultural Society  Read more


MabARTi  2011 – Art in Public Space

In June 2011, Sadolin Paints and the Goethe-Zentrum Kampala created the first Mabarti Challenge — Art in Public Space. In June 2011, Sadolin Paints and the Goethe-Zentrum Kampala created the first Mabarti Challenge — Art in Public Space: 31 selected artists, both up-coming and with a broadly-based appreciation, painted to colour the every-day lives of Ugandans. From 18th to 26th June 2011, the 31 works were painted across Kampala’s inner city on corrugated iron (known in Uganda as Mabaati Sheets) sheets, which are usually provided by Sadolin Paints to shield construction sites. Read more


KLA ART 012 – Kampala Contemporary Art Festival

From the 7th till 14th of October 12 shipping containers served as exhibitions space for 12 Ugandan artists in public places. In October 2012 the first Kampala Contemporary Art Festival was happening in the streets of Kampala. Under the title „12 BOXES MOVING“ 12 shipping containers were distributed in the city, transformed by 12 Ugandan and international artists to serve as individual exhibition spaces in public places and as a platform to showcase Uganda’s visual art.  Read more


Photo Exhibition “Round the Potholes”

The photographies by Joel Sames document people who are involved with street culture activities. Streetculture got a global phenomena. We had a skype exchange session with India, we had some Breakdance Cyphers and rappers on stage and we saw Joel Sames fantastic photo exhibition “Round the Potholes”. All together at one nice place in Bugolobi, called the Fas Fas.Photographer Joel Sames has been following Street Culture activities around the globe. His photographs allow an insight into the skateboarding, breakdance and Hip-Hop scenes of Afghanistan, India, Cambodia and Uganda. Read more