What is LaBa! Arts Festival

The LaBa! Arts Festival is one of the oldest art festivals in Kampala, playing an important role in the culture and arts scene of the city. It is a multidisciplinary festival presenting recent trends in the arts scene.

LaBa! aims to showcase artistic and musical expressions outside the usual spaces and conditions to reach out to new audiences. LaBa! is a platform that encourages artistic encounters, as well as intellectual and playful dialogues between artists and their audiences. On May 27th 2017 we are going to celebrate the 11th Edition of the festival in Bukoto Street, Kamwokya. Once again artists of all genres will transform the street for one day into an open air gallery and stage. Read more….

LaBa! 2017- Ubuntu

Art is for everyone! The 11th LaBa! Arts Festival themed Ubuntuwas back on Saturday 27th May, from 11:00am to 8:00pm on Bukoto Street, Kamwokya. The term Ubuntu in Shona, or Obumu in Luganda, means humanity or community spirit, which is best illustrated in the Ndebele proverb: “umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu” (“a person is a person through other persons”). In reminiscence of how the festival once has been conceived, the visual arts was at the core of the festival, representing eleven collective installations out of which the audience was invited to vote for their favourite. The LaBa! Audience Award allowed a member of the winning collective to travel to Chale Wote Street Art Festival in Accra in August 2017 with the Moving Africa programme by Goethe-Institut. With many interactive and participatory projects, the festival as a daytime event addressed a large audience, including families with children. Read more

LaBa! 2016

When a whole street is filled with different art forms across the board, one is ever lost for choice. And that is what Laba’s 10th edition was made of yet again. From visual artists painting the streets, actors in street theatre, musicians on the big stage to fashion shows and dance genres of all sort, Bukoto Street in Kamwokya was a hub of arts festivities. Bukoto Street in Kamwokya transformed into an arts space with music, dance, poetry, theatre and visual arts being brought together.When a whole street is filled with different art forms across the board, one is ever lost for choice. And that is what Laba’s 10th edition was made of yet again. Read more

LaBa! 2015 – Back to the Future

Back to the Future: A reflection by artists on the future relating to the past and present. A day full of arts and music surrounded by a joyful energetic crowd. A Fake Empire, the questions of bamboo, the belly of the beast, people dancing in lines, ‘Bonfire!’ – How a single street leads us back to the future. A usual street in Kampala: Rough asphalt, passing vehicles, company buildings with huge coloured signs, the steps and voices of the passengers, traffic jam in the afternoon. Read more


LaBa! 2013 – Open Studio

The LaBa! has developed since 2006 and turned into one of the biggest festivals in Uganda, even being mentioned in the “Lonely Planet” travel guide. On 25th May 2013 the 7th LaBa! Arts Festival took place at Mackinnon Road in Nakasero, Kampala. It was the 7th edition of this annual festival that was created in 2006 by UGCS and the Ugandan Artists Association. Back then it took place at Bukoto Street and the participating artists created genuine street art by making use of the several potholes on the street. Read more


On the 9th June 2012 more than 90 artists and 100 performers came together to celebrate under the theme Liberation. Arts. Partcipation. The LaBa! Street Art Festival of 2012 turned Mackinnon Road once again into a colourful open space for art – with dance, photography, painting, graffiti, fashion, music, acrobatics and handcrafts. More than 90 visual artists and 100 performing artists offered an inspiring, lively and interactive experience for everyone. Read more


On 4th June 2011, more than 85 exhibitors as well as 200 performing artists from Uganda and East Africa came together to celebrate 365 … days of Art. The story of the LaBa! is a story of Art’s success. Starting in 2007 with the slogan Pot in the Hole – a tribute to the then numerous potholes on Bukoto Street — artists and spectators were invited to transform the concrete into art; playfully, artistically and colorfully. Read more