“30 Years UGCS – Past, Present, Future”

On November 22nd, the Ugandan German Cultural Society (UGCS) celebrates its 30-years anniversary with a full programme honoring 30 years of engagement and cooperation. The journey of UGCS hast started in 1989, until it officially became Goethe-Zentrum Kampala/ UGCS in 2008. It works as a platform for intercultural exchange and promotes the German language to Ugandan people. The theme of the event was “30 Years UGCS – Past, Present, Future.” Read more

Mirembe Rhythm:

On October 12th, 2018 Goethe-Zentrum Kampala UGCS hosted the kick-off party of the three-day event series #MirembeRhythm featuring an exciting mix of talented DJs and MCs from Uganda, Germany, DRC and Kenya shared the finest electronic beats and rhythms out there. In the face of persistent gender inequality challenges #MirembeRhythm did not only represent peace and intercultural exchange but mainly focused on a collaborative attempt to promote gender equity in the electronic music business through inclusivity, open discourse, and creative exchange. The project included an EDM dance party, a panel discussion hosted by Okuki: Art Kampala and a DJ and music production workshop facilitated by DJ Rachael (Femme Electronic) and German DJs, Sarah Farina and Yo Van Lenz.

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Tropical Fish with Rehema Nanfuka

What does one lose in exchange for “bubble baths and a gin-and-tonic life”? On the 9th of August, Rehema Nanfuka returned to the fully booked Goethe-Zentrum rooftop to perform the stage adaptation of Doreen Baingana’s award-winning short story, Tropical Fish. The play about a young campus girl’s affair with an older white businessman in Kampala started off as a fun escape from her ordinary life before the dull future became a painful exploration of her worth as a Black woman.  After the performance there was a discussion with the writer and the actor led by Sylvia Tamale.

Music & Digital Technologies: Music Production and Recording Workshop

The impact of technology on the creation and the spread of music in and out of Africa has been recognized and well documented, yet the tools it encompasses are not always used to their full potential. The workshop Music & Digital Technologies: Music Production and Recording was therefore focussing on the possibility of using machines in innovative ways in order to express originality and depth. Read more

The Jalada Mobile Literacy & Arts Festival

The Jalada Mobile Literacy & Arts Festival is the first mobile literary festival in Africa initiated by a group of writers who came together to link up and work together and celebrate cultural diversity. The festival is a hybrid between a traditional place-based festival and a bus tour. The tour covered 5 countries (12 towns): Kenya (Nairobi, Nakuru, Kisumu, and Mombasa), Uganda (Kampala, Kabale), DRC (Goma), Rwanda (Kigali) and Tanzania (Mwanza, Arusha, Dar es Salaam, and Zanzibar). In Uganda, the Jalada Festival in collaboration with FEMRITE and Goethe Zentrum Kampala took place for two days Read more



In October 2017, 14 Hip Hop musicians from the accross the African continent, Uganda and Germany came together in Kampala for a project about music and activism. The project lasted five days and included a workshop, a panel discussion a concert and a studio recording session. The visiting musicians had the chance to visit Newzbeat Uganda and Break Dance Project Uganda whereas the Ugandans had the rare chance to meet outstanding musicians and activists from West Africa such as Monza from Mauretania and Gunman Xuman from Senegal as well as other fellows read more


LA LUCHA, featuring Tracey (Uganda), Monza (Mauretania), Sylvester (Uganda), Juma (Kenya), Zex Inchkumi (Uganda), Lady Slyke (Uganda), Abramz (Uganda), Gunman Xuman (Senegal), Nash MC (Tanzania), Eric 1Key (Ruanda). Produced by Ghanaian Stallion (Germany), vocals recorded by Matex at Dream Studios, Kampala. Mix & Master by Nils Faller at Fallers Place, Berlin


THE VOICE OF REASON, Eric 1Key (Rwanda), Outspoken (Zimbabwe), Juma (Kenya), Jora Mc (Uganda), Zex Inchkumi (Uganda), St. Nellysade (Uganda), MC Yallah (Uganda), DJ Nesta (Uganda), Megaloh (Germany). Produced by Koz’n Effekt (Uganda), vocals recorded by Matex at Dream Studios, Kampala. Mix & Master by Nils Faller at Fallers Place, Berlin



On the 18th of September, Goethe-Zentrum Kampala with the help of the Goethe Institut brought to the gifted wordsmith, rapper and poet Akua Naru to the Bayimba International Festival of the Arts 2016. Her performance turned out to be the most highlighted shows at the festival. Akua Naru, who lives in Germany and released her debut album “The Journey Aflame” in 2011, has solidified herself in short time on the scene as a model for what women can be in hip hop.  Read more



Femme Electronic is a platform to encourage women in the field of electronic music, to create a network, to connect and to exchange experiences. Femme Electronic organizes workshops for female participants with experienced DJs and Producers from Uganda and abroad. In 2016 we have been running three workshops with international guests such as Ena Lind (Berlin), Black Madonna (USA)   Read more



ASINGLELINE – a red line straight through the city. a line that connects different places and people and which spiritually brings them closer to each other. ASINGLELINE wants to look at this basic, generic entity of a line and look at it simply from another point of view: a line’s function is also to connect, to link, to bring things which are far from each other geographically or mentally closer together.  Read more



German DJ Duo Schlachthofbronx in Kampala

Schlachthofbronx is a DJ Duo from Munich producing and playing innovative club music. On 16th May, they played a show with various Ugandan DJs in an empty warehouse. On Saturday 16th May, Goethe-Zentrum Kampala/UGCS organized an event so full of internationally minded as well as locally influenced music that was just right for the taste of the Ugandan night folk.  Read more



Burnt Friedman meets Hakim Kiwanuka

On the 10th of October Burnt Friedman and Hakim Kiwanuka created a unforgettable sound experience in the garden of the GZK/UGCS. Burnt Friedman has been in the music business for over 30 years – still, his name wasn’t familiar to us when the Goethe-Institut in Munich approached us to become one of the locations for his Sub-Sahara Africa tour. The first impression of a “German electronic music” turned out to be a fallacy, after realising that the cooperation with a local artist would become an electronic-acoustic music experience  Read more



BLU UGA – Concert and Exhibition

On the 16th February GZK/UGCS hosted an energetic concert with Viva con Agua rapper’s Marteria and Maeckes from Germany, featuring Abramz, Sylvester, Lady Slyke and Bris Jean. BLU UGA stands for „Blue Uganda“ – and blue stands for water. Under this theme 14 dedicated people from Germany travelled to Uganda with the charitable organization Viva con Agua St. Pauli and the German broadcasting company ZDF  Read more



Nneka & the finest female voices of Uganda

On 9th February 2012 more than 1200 visitors celebrated a sweeping evening with the German-Nigerian singer Nneka at the Goethe-Zentrum in Kampala. On 9th February 2012, on invitation of the Goethe-Zentrum Kampala/UGCS, the German-Nigerian singer Nneka performed together with the finest female voices of Uganda – Ife Piankhi, Tshila, Irene Ntale, Keko and the nine years old Hip-Hopper MC Flower – at the Goethe-Zentrum Kampala  Read more




CNIRBS, this is the name of a Jazzband from Hamburg, composed of the keyboarder and composer Matthäus Winnitzki, the drummer Konrad Ullrich and the euphonist and trumpeter Stephan Meinberg. In collaboration with the Goethe-Institut München, CNIRBS toured with their new album ‘Hey Kollege’through the African continent for 3 weeks. After shows in Maputo/Mozambique, Antananarivo/Madagascar, Johannesburg/South Africa and Kigali/Rwanda they presented their musical arrangements in Kampala, whereby some songs were fused with the input of the Ugandan musicians Joel Sebunjo and Lawrence Okello. This was followed by performances in Nairobi/Kenya and Addis Ababa/Ethiopia  Read more




Facilitated by Jonas Hummel, a German sound technician and musician, the GZK/UGCS organized a 10 day workshop leading to the 7th Bayimba international Festival of the Arts. In those 10 days 9 participants from 5 different countries (Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania and Germany) met to create new music instruments out of old electronic devices. The electronic scrap consisted of things like old computer keyboards, radios, CD players, sound cards, and a variety of different cables and much more – even an Adungo (a Ugandan traditional harp like instrument) was re-used  Read more


UG Hiphop Archivist



In recent years, the Spoken Word has gained great popularity in Germany – the biggest Poetry Slam of Europe, the Bunkerslam, takes place annually in different German cities. But also in bars, museums and coffee shops of Kampala and other African cities a Spoken Word and Poetry Scene has gradually developed. Until now it has mainly been acting in small groupings and without further public impact  Read more